Mini Sewing Set intended for Vacation, Dormitory, Urgent Fixes- Sewing Products- Lightweight Zip Box

A High Quality Travel Sewing Kit for Instant Repairs in a Portable Zipper Case.

Let me share with you the excellent qualities of this mini stitching kit. As all of us know, millions of guys, women and young people take a trip away from home daily and they have requirement of a well designed, compact, portable kit in a premium zip case, loaded with all the requirements for a quick-fix solution. This Mini Sewing Kit is the Best. Perfect for home, travel and emergency situation use. It is excellent for college, backpackers, trekkers, arts and crafts and stitching jobs. We are born travelers and we never ever know when we may be in a scenario to need this little marvel kit.

Are you in some cases at a loss as to exactly what to give someone for a present? A gift that is stylish, of quality, thoughtful, convenient and will be cherished for a life time? Can this mini stitching kit be a gift to yourself or to someone you know?

As I am a big fan of Amazon (love the fast shipping plus the reassuring cash back guarantee that ensures that you are constantly satisfied with your purchase ), I believed I would give value and benefit with this stitching kit. I am extremely grateful I made the decision to do so. Not only was I able to get a quality stitching kit but I was also impressed with the extraordinary follow-up from Amazon, to guarantee I received my product. They even offered some excellent pointers on utilizing some of the tools from the kit.

If you decide to try it out, let me know your ideas, as I am sure that you or your recipient will be more than pleased.

I encourage you to click on the link below to order yours now.


It is the Best Mini-Sewing Kit readily available on the marketplace for it's Compact and Efficient Size.

- The perfect Option for Instant Quick-Fix Sewing Repair Job
- Very convenient when a button pops, an unanticipated tear in a garment or sew on a label
- Prepare your enjoyed ones away in College, School Camp, trips away from home for any stitch and mend emergencies.

It is perfect forHouse, Travel, Arts and Crafts & School Projects - Ideal for Women, Boys and Grownups

A Great Taking a trip Friend for Backpackers, Campers, Hikers, Survival & Emergency situation Kits.

- This Sewing Kit is available in a Premium Quality Zip Case packed with all the basic devices one might need.
-The kit is a compact, light-weight, effective stitching storage system & packs quickly for travel.
- Stainless-steel scissors, 10 needles, 2 threaders, pins, security pin, 3 t-shirt buttons, thimble, determining tape, seam ripper, 12 spindles of various coloured threads.

Gift-boxed for a best present for birthdays, Christmas, farewells or an Unique Thank-You. Backed by a No-Hassle Free Replacement Assurance

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