New Multi-purpose Clips Sewing & needlework Needs 50-Pack

The KC Super clips feature great spring grip and have a wide range of uses.
The clip opens very wide to hold multiple layers strongly and the base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot of your sewing machine.
These functional little clips are ideal for making quilts, handbags. KC Super Clips means no need for pins.
The box contains 50 KC Super clips.
KC Super clips are a quilting needlework must have and come in a clear lidded container for easy access.
The perfect tool for all who do any sort of stitching whether by hand or machine. Even keep your papers together using KC Super Clips!

KC Super Clips in shiny red are available in 50 piece packs. KC Super Clips are a great alternative to pins, a must for all sewers and especially useful when working with dense fabrics, layers and vinyls. The unique ergonomically designed thumb press on the KC Super Clips has been created so that anyone, no matter age or physical challenge can use them with ease and confidence. The wide opening offers a large holding capacity for keeping all fabrics in place without damaging or distorting your fabric. The back side is smooth and clear with markings for half inch and quarter inch seam allowances. The flat surface allows them to glide smoothly with easy feeding to the presser foot on your sewing machine. The bright red colour is useful when working with all coloured fabrics and they are easy to find when dropped on the floor. KC Super Clips are great for keeping lining in place but can also be used for attaching handles to handbags, holding quilt-box and other crafting needs. A perfect tool for every sewing and quilting need. Hold everything in place with KC Super Clips.

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