Top Comfortable & Reliable Dressmaker Shears! Professional Quality Right-Handed Fabric & Sewing Cutting Scissors

The Sharp-Edged Dressmaker Shears

There are different sorts of scissors as there are different tasks that they can be useful in. There are pinking (saw-tooth blades), quilting, craft (zigzag, formed, or curly-shaped edges), versatile, and the material or dressmaker shears. Each of these kinds is perfectly crafted to suit the differing needs or requirement of the users.

The dressmaker shears are perhaps one of the biggest, among all the kinds. They are sturdy; typically 6 to 8 inches long; thick in look; and heavier than regular scissors. The cutting edges of this type of scissors are very sharp as they are designed to cut through thick garments or material. The ringed manages of a pair-- or "bows" in the industry-- are normally dissimilar in size to accommodate the index and middle fingers conveniently. The general design of the shears is best for cutting on a flat surface without causing distortion or misaligned edges.

Although these dressmaker shears look tough and truly durable, they also need appropriate care; they also need to be stored appropriately as they can cause real damage with careless use. Sharp as they are, they need to not be used to cut hard things such as small wood, wires, and so on. Avoid putting them on the edge of the work table where they can quickly be up to the ground. If it is possible, specifically if there are kids around, owners ought to keep these scissors in a tough kit or case, concealed in the most safe area possible. With these suggestions in mind, everyone is safe, so are the material shears.

Are YOU all set for the comfy, durable, ultra-sharp and precise, smooth cutting, user friendly, no more aching hands or fingers, makes-me-more-productive-than-ever-before POWER of Mantuas' Dressmaker Shears?

* Comfortable. Sharp. Dependable.*
Ever used a pair of scissors that left your hands or fingers aching or in discomfort? Not anymore! Our super-comfortable Fabric Cutting Scissors are crafted for MAXIMUM convenience, permitting you to complete your projects WITHOUT all the discomfort! With our ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, you'll never need to take care of careless cuts or needing to press securely on the scissors! Anticipate best cuts EACH TIME.

* Best Quality. Smooth & Precise Cuts. Simple and easy.*
You get exactly what you spend for ... You know exactly what an inexpensive pair of shears is like. Unless you wish to need to regularly tighten, sharpen, and change hands due to the pain ... our quality, smooth and precise cutting, comfy, simple and easy cutting scissors is your response! It's time you start getting your task done faster AND better! If you've attempted other items (even other metal scissors) but just weren't happy with the results ... then you HAVE TO give ours a shot! This is an investment that will spend for itself!

Click Add to Cart right now to take your dressmaking, sewing, or tailoring to an entire new level! Limited stock, order now!

CAUTION: After browsing other dressmaker shears online, it appears that other vendors are offering inexpensive items that do not cut well and are uncomfortable. Don't be deceived by imitators! You're completely safeguarded by our 5 year warranty!

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