Ultimate Sewing Kit – An Unbelievable Compact Beginners Mending Kit for a Terrific Cost SirStitch

Manage all your Sewing Emergencies With your personal Custom Embroidered Sewing Kit! with matching colored tools inside for all your sewing needs, You can fix on the go without stopping to find something that can not satisfy your needs.

Bring your sewing kit to all your outdoor activities also such as group trips, campouts, reunions and trips. And naturally around the house.

When i pulled mine out at our last family gathering they really loved the embroidery stitching and everything in the kit itself! They really took pleasure in the disc of straight pins and raved about the fabric pencil since it was going to make it simple to mark precisely where they needed to sew. And the compact sewing kit made it simple to bring around with them anywhere they wanted to go

Our Sewing Kit Offers You the Ultimate I-Need-It-NOW Quick-Fix Mending Solution when you are at House, Travel, College and Emergency situation Use!

Ever been Out on getaway and had an immediate need for a Sewing Kit for that Unfortunate Minute when your T-shirt Tears or you pop a joint and naturally the evident! when you Flex and a Button Flies throughout the room.

Our Premium Sewing Kit with its Compact and Portable Design is Filled with all of the Important Requirements You are going to Require
- (10) Needles in a holder case - (2) Easy Threaders - (12) Spools of Assorted Thread in Popular Colors - (1) Measuring Tape 25 inches or 65 cm long - (1) Thimble - (1) Seam Ripper with cover - (1) Scissors - (18) Straight Pins in a holder case - (4) Large Safety Pins - (4) Little Safety Pins - (4) Little T-shirt Buttons - (2) Large T-shirt Buttons - (1) Material Pencil - (1) Compact CD size zipper case to keep your sewing supplies safe

As our Valued Client and For your Convenience we have included Bonus Buttons in addition to a larger size and Bonus safety pins in addition to a smaller sized size and a fabric pencil and a full set of Straight pins instead of simply 2 like all the other business carry as we understand that 2 safety pins simply can't resolve an emergency for you!
Get Prepared For the Next Emergency situation!

Our sewing kit will ensure that you are ready for your next sewing and mending emergency situation!
Keep one stitching kit in your automobile for emergency situation so it is always on hand.

Start Sewing Now with your personal FREE BONUS EBOOK:
with photo illustrations giving you step by step ways to fix daily sewing and mending emergency situations!
Our Sir Stitch Premium Sewing Kit is Available on Sale for a Limited Time.
Get the Sewing Tools you Need, Click the "Contribute to Cart" Button at the Top of the Page to Purchase Yours Now! For Yourself or a Loved One.

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